Established in 16 Jun 2016, An Minh Thuc Joint Stock Company specializes in providing the whole solutions for aquaculture industry. Started from a small store selling aquaculture materials in the 90s of the previous century, the business has constantly evolved through various development stages of the country to be An Minh Thuc JSC.

Twenty years in the industry with numerous ups and downs, An Minh Thuc JSC’s mission is to bring happiness to Vietnamese aquaculture farmers. We constantly improve ourselves to maximize your return on investment. That belief means that every single product reaching to our customer has been prudently tested in practice to ensure highest quality is delivered.

Our business: import and distribute agriculture products, including larval feeds, chemicals, medicine, and other materials.

Coverage: nationwide

Distribution system: more than 100 agencies from the Central to South West Vietnam.

Size: 30 – 50 members

An Minh Thuc JSC guarantees the best assistance via its selected products. In addition, our customers, both farm owners and distributors are provided with useful consultancy from our competent engineers and representatives. The practical knowledge and experience sharing would maximize your investment while minimizing the risks.



We believe that reputation is the most valuable asset of any company. Twenty years growing in the business is the most apparent proof of our constant protection and development of credibility. Working with An Minh Thuc, our valued distributors are guaranteed the most beneficial and harmonious business policy which aims to achieve the community wealth. This is reflected in the well established distribution relationship with hour dealers in the last two decades.


Every product delivered to our customer is attached with careful instruction and excellent post-sales service, which guarantees maximizing every dollar invested.


Aquaculture is one of the industries which can directly impact the environment, and quality of the environment will have an effect on your labor’s results as well as the whole society.  The quality of product is essential in reservation and sustainable development. Therefore, every product selected and distributed by An Minh Thuc JSC needs to be qualified and environmental friendly.

An Minh Thuc Joint Stock Company